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Response to R.Austin on legitimacy

Good questions Ruaidhri, but try not to look at whether Mugabe himself was long term or not (& clearly 27 years is a very long time for one man to rule any country); rather look at HOW he ruled and the WAYS in which Zimbabwe tried to muster legitimacy for its regime. Read the attached … Continue reading

America and the Civil War

Discover%20how%20the%20bloodiest%20war%20in%20American%20history%20transformed%20the%20face%20of%20the%20nation. via America and the Civil War.

Legacy of the Civil War

One%20hundred%20and%20fifty%20years%20after%20it%20began%2C%20the%20Civil%20War%20is%20still%20an%20important%20component%20of%20our%20national%20character. via Legacy of the Civil War.

Meaning of the Civil War

If%20you%20had%20just%20one%20word%20to%20describe%20the%20Civil%20War%2C%20what%20would%20it%20be%3F via Meaning of the Civil War.

The Final Days of John Wilkes Booth

It happened on this day in 1865: click the video link After%20a%2012-day%20manhunt%2C%20Union%20soldiers%20catch%20up%20to%20presidential%20assassin%20John%20Wilkes%20Booth%20and%20his%20accomplice%20David%20Herold. via The Final Days of John Wilkes Booth.

When United States fell into bloody civil war – Features – News Letter

When United States fell into bloody civil war – Features – News Letter.

Devenport’s blog is a great way of keeping track…


Holiday Foods: Easter Eggs

In%20this%20Holiday%20Foods%20video%20clip%2C%20we%20learn%20about%20what%20people%20traditionally%20eat%20on%20Easter%20Sunday.%20One%20major%20food%20that%20is%20associated%20with%20Easter%20is%20eggs.%20Famous%20Fat%20Dave%20talks%20about%20the%20history%20of%20the%20egg%20and%20its%20connection%20to%20Easter. via Holiday Foods: Easter Eggs.

The battle within unionism…