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NI Assembly performance…

This post looks at an approach to your essay and it should help get you started along with the ‘plan’ we discussed in class.  Evaluate the performance of the Northern Ireland Assembly?  There are two aspects we should cover: The ‘expectations’ of the Assembly & A ‘Comparative’ – with the past and with Direct Rule … Continue reading

Some successes of Private Member’s Bills, but reforms needed…

MP Joan Walley is the author of this article on Private Members Bills. Largely viewed as ineffective can PMBs really be improved? http://news.bbc.co.uk/democracylive/hi/comment/newsid_9367000/9367919.stm

No hard feelings says Cameron: well what else could he say??

As 81 Tories defy Cameron on the ‘three line whip‘ over the European referendum he is in a sticky situation – The largest revolt over Europe ever… Tops the Major government’s 41 MP rebellion… It took Blair’s government (with a huge majority) six years to reach a rebellion of those proportions… The final link at the … Continue reading

Cameron’s decision to “3 line whip” the vote against a referendum on Europe is a very dangerous game…

This article from the Guardian online edition outlines the trouble facing the PM over Europe. As students of politics you should be aware of the explosiveness of this issue. Europe has traditionally divided Conservatives and a few points are noteworthy here: The PM has opted to 3 -line whip this vote i.e. demand that his … Continue reading

Elephants & donkeys…

Ever wondered why Democrats are associated with the donkey and Republicans the elephant? http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0881985.html

The PM is restricted by his party – EU sceptics haunt Cameron

http://www.newstatesman.com/2011/10/european-britain-cameron The article shows how that ‘old chestnut’ which divided Thatcher & Major’s governments is threatening David Cameron…EUROPE! AAAGGGH!

Gaddafi dead, but what does it say about political power?

 As politics students we can highlight a number of key aspects of legitimacy surrounding the death of Gaddafi and the Libya experience: Once G had lost international recognition and support he was as good as finished. His brutality and coercion came back to haunt him (even though he lasted 42 years). General instability and the … Continue reading

How effective are Assembly committees?

Ok, we discussed how to approach this essay in class. Now here are a few pointers to remind you of what to include: Place the essay in a broad context – 108 member assembly ‘Executive led’ and dominated by ‘party animals’ – 105 MLAs in governing parties!!! Legacy of sectarian division The four types of … Continue reading

Committees doing a good job in the Assembly?

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-15206110 I know… perhaps we could set a date aside to burn all those tyres??

The Presidential race has started!!!