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Final advice on ‘Constitutional relevance’ essay…

High Speed Reading! Oder wie du deine Lesegesc...My previous post provided you a 2000 word framework of points that you could make. Here is what you should do now:

  1. Skim read the handout I gave you. Note down how the Constitution affects the issues highlighted. Think about whether the Constitution’s role is relevant or is it people who are important e.g. the Supreme Court Justices?
  2. Read the Constitution chapter in your Bennet text with the same questions about constitutional relevance in mind. Note down your key points and examples.
  3. Re-read your class notes provided by me on the US Constitution to date. Make brief revision notes with the essay question in mind.
  4. Read my previous 2000 word post for an idea of the type of arguments that can be made. Try to learn the key points by drawing a spider diagram for example.
  5. Once you’ve gone through the above process and you feel comfortable that you know what you wish to argue, sit down without any written aids and start your essay as you would in an exam:
        1. draw up an essay plan
        2. give yourself an hour only (uninterrupted) to write the essay.
        3. mark “timed exam conditions” on the essay before submission.

Good luck





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