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Update on Assembly performance … What performance ??

If you didn’t catch this week’s Hearts & Minds, do. It has good info for your essay on Assembly performance or lack of since the summer break.

First, no Programme for Government has been agreed since the election 6 months ago.

Secondly, NO new legislation has been introduced in the past 6 months!!! The Assembly has been back from the summer for 6 weeks and still no movement!

Third, although individual ministers have worked on, there is still no coherent “business plan” (programme) and there is no major action taken since the summer.

Fourth, people gave the politicians a “by-ball” 2007-11 because they (dup & sf) were finding their feet and seeing those two clans work together was a novelty, but enough is enough and NI deserves proper governance.

Fifth, there is definitely a feeling that decisions are being taken largely by two parties in the Executive behind closed doors (sf & dup). What relevance does the Assembly still hold?

Thank God the Alliance Party boycotted a debate on Weeds in protest! Anyone else want to prevent the ‘ grass growing under their feet’ and tackle the ‘root’ of the problem (I know , enough)


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