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Parliament, United Kingdom

PM under pressure as parliament reasserts itself…

As the Home Secretary, Teresa May, grapples with the problems of who was to blame for relaxed controls, David Cameron can be forgiven for thinking his premiership is turning into a nightmare. On top of this parliament is becoming much more bullish with backbench MPs not frightened to tackle government ministers and their civil servants with real rigour.

1. After losing Defence minister, Liam Fox, the Tories will be damaged if May is forced out – lack of stability and constant scandal doesn’t go down well with voters.
2. With Europe in crisis, the economy continues down its disastrous road . Poor economies usually finish PMs.
3. The 81 rebels over Europe a few weeks ago suggest backbench loyalty toward Cameron is lacking as parliament also asks forceful questions of May and co during Select Committee hearings .

Difficult times to be PM…it could yet end in tears, but when?



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