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Clegg vs Cameron (not exactly a clash of the titans)

The Clegg / Cameron rift apparently rumbles on. It is hardly surprising and the latest spat over Europe should not really break up Cam & Clegg.

"I just can't look at you anymore"

Although both boys had a frank exchange in Downing Street Monday morning –

“Pleeeeeeeease come to the chamber with me Nick, pleaaaaassse!”

“No David, I am upset and you ignored me in Europe. So I am just staying in today and not coming out to play”

Sobs were heard coming from David, but he got himself together to face Parliament and the bully boys (and girls) alone.

We can’t be surprised that Cam & Clegg argue in front the kids – after all… Tories are from Venus and Libs are from Mars? No, what I mean is – they are from different parties and they have to play to their respective backbenches…

The BBC article explains further: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-16161919



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