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A&E chaos in NI: Who is to blame?

The story below outlines serious problems in the Belfast Trust. Follow the link at the end for the full story. Apparently Edwin Poots (The Minister) is being kept in the dark about the extent of the problems, but as Minister should he ensure he is more aware? Is it the Assembly Committees responsibility to reveal these flaws before it gets to this stage?

This from the BBC:

The BBC has learned that almost all of emergency medicine consultants in the Belfast Health Trust have raised concerns with management about the safety of A&E departments.

In another dramatic move, the clinical director of the Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) has decided to step aside.

It is understood Dr Russell McLaughlin did so because he feels strongly about how A&E departments are being run.

The Belfast Trust said the consultants’ concerns have already been addressed.

Dr McLaughlin is understood to be concerned about the running of the A&E at the Mater and RVH hospitals.

Stepping aside will mean a 20% cut in his salary.

Dr McLaughlin has been clinical director of the Royal’s A&E department for almost four years.

‘Mounting pressures’

BBC Northern Ireland understands that he is stepping aside from the role because he is unhappy about managing an overly stressful environment, where it is perceived that both patients and staff are constantly being put at risk.

He is also concerned about what he believes is a lack of additional money and forward planning that has gone into moving emergency services from Belfast City Hospital to the RVH site.




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