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Prison reform & Agriculture mess…

Soon you will be set a class essay on the performance of the NI Executive. This post looks at two topical issues in the news regarding actions taken by NI Ministers. 1. Prison reform 2. European fines over poor performance by the Dept of Agriculture The Justice Dept is responding to a report that makes … Continue reading

DUP & SF clash…tut tut, just when Dr McDonnell was accusing you of a “carve up…like Afghan Warlords”!

On the very day the new SDLP leader refers to the DUP/Sf “carved up” government as behaving like “Afghan warlords sharing the spoils of war” the DUP and SF have a tiff over Pat Finucane‘s relationship with the IRA. But really, did Edwin Poots tell the Assembly anything that was not in the public domain?? … Continue reading

New SDLP = New direction?

Calling the DUP/SF relationship a ‘carve up’ and referring to them as behaving like ‘Afghan warlords…sharing the spoils of war’ is not necessarily new language but the fact that it comes from the new leader of the SDLP may suggest a new departure from the Executive could be an aim, with SDLP flirting with (once … Continue reading

Update on Assembly performance … What performance ??

If you didn’t catch this week’s Hearts & Minds, do. It has good info for your essay on Assembly performance or lack of since the summer break. First, no Programme for Government has been agreed since the election 6 months ago. Secondly, NO new legislation has been introduced in the past 6 months!!! The Assembly … Continue reading