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SF paralysed by SDLP?

** Sinn Fein ‘paralysed’ by SDLP ** First Minister Peter Robinson launches a scathing attack on Sinn Fein, claiming its “fear” of the SDLP often paralyses its decisions.

UUP disarray continues…

The sacking of the deputy leader does nothing to enhance the leader’s position in the party and the UUP are increasingly becoming the joke of NI politics… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-19785580

UUP leader resigns as party goes deeper into the abyss…

** ‘I was undermined’ says Elliott ** Ulster Unionist leader Tom Elliott accuses some members of his party of blatantly undermining him and feeding “lies” to the press.

NHS reform splitting Tories

A brave move or a stupid one? As if there aren’t enough problems to sort out for this Tory government… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-17002166 Check out the link above. Is this one that Davy will have to let go? If he toughs it out it seems that it’ll cost the lib dems more than the Tories…so he’ll probably … Continue reading

DUP & SF differ on economic policy and financial independence.

Sf are pushing for more fiscal power and independence. The DUP don’t think we could sustain ourselves in NI. With £9bn coming straight from British treasury SF are probably being overly ambitious and they also want to raise taxes (perish the thought!). The SDLP take a more pragmatic approach and suggest we continue to get … Continue reading

The UUP really press the self-destruct button…

Another reason for the decline in the UUP vote…are they for real? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-16829223

DUP & SF clash…tut tut, just when Dr McDonnell was accusing you of a “carve up…like Afghan Warlords”!

On the very day the new SDLP leader refers to the DUP/Sf “carved up” government as behaving like “Afghan warlords sharing the spoils of war” the DUP and SF have a tiff over Pat Finucane‘s relationship with the IRA. But really, did Edwin Poots tell the Assembly anything that was not in the public domain?? … Continue reading

New SDLP = New direction?

Calling the DUP/SF relationship a ‘carve up’ and referring to them as behaving like ‘Afghan warlords…sharing the spoils of war’ is not necessarily new language but the fact that it comes from the new leader of the SDLP may suggest a new departure from the Executive could be an aim, with SDLP flirting with (once … Continue reading

SDLP leadership race…zzzz

Forgive me, but such an uninspiring race is not going to challenge the SF grip on the nationalist vote in NI…Most commentators agree that the squabbles that forced Durkan out, then Ritchie have made it impossible to turn round a 15 year decline.

Compare UK Party policies

Compare UK Party policies.

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