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People power? Examining the impact of social media….

A great link below. It’s American politics but it’s a terrific example for A2 2: political power. Has social media given “the people” more power to directly challenge elites? It seems like it… Read on… ** Can Limbaugh survive advertiser boycott? ** Rush Limbaugh’s repeated apologies to a female student over “slut” jibe has not … Continue reading

Greece will no doubt leave the Eurozone…will it destabilise the Euro?

As Greece readies to bow out by all accounts, questions are arising over the whole euro experiment with euro sceptics saying “I told you so”. There is two hopes of GB joining the euro in my life time and one of them is Bob Hope! If the euro survives (and with German backing it surely … Continue reading

Greek crisis creates huge instability within the 17 country €zone.

This is an example of instability on a global scale and is a useful example on a political power essay. How much say does the Greek PM really have with the Greek populace breathing down his neck on one side and the IMF, G20 nations and Eurozone countries on the other…(far too many organisations for … Continue reading

Libya’s post dictatorship difficulties

This story from the washington post illustrates how difficult it is for a regime to get a stable government. It must aim for widespread legitimacy & regimes born out of bloodshed and civil war struggle to achieve this…It is a good example/case study for your A2 political power module. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/libya-struggles-to-create-army-out-of-militias/2011/10/28/gIQAwWsjaM_story.html?hpid=z1&utm_campaign=wpapp

Gaddafi dead, but what does it say about political power?

 As politics students we can highlight a number of key aspects of legitimacy surrounding the death of Gaddafi and the Libya experience: Once G had lost international recognition and support he was as good as finished. His brutality and coercion came back to haunt him (even though he lasted 42 years). General instability and the … Continue reading

Is Ethnic Conflict Inevitable? | Foreign Affairs

A long article – read the first page and skim read the rest. The crux is that ethnic diversity does NOT make conflict inevitable. When writing essays we do need to balance our arguments…. Is Ethnic Conflict Inevitable? | Foreign Affairs.

ethnic division in Afghanistan article.


Political instability in Afghanistan


Response to R.Austin on legitimacy

Good questions Ruaidhri, but try not to look at whether Mugabe himself was long term or not (& clearly 27 years is a very long time for one man to rule any country); rather look at HOW he ruled and the WAYS in which Zimbabwe tried to muster legitimacy for its regime. Read the attached … Continue reading

Iraqi Cabinet forming reveals much about our ‘definitions’

See my commentary on what you learn from this article. It is a few years old but nonetheless it does illustrate what you can learn from a web or newspaper article… New Iraq cabinet

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