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Excellent US Politics site – this on committees…

This link to committees is useful, if only to illustrate how money talks in US Politics… http://www.opensecrets.org/cmteprofiles/index.php Advertisements

Cameron loses vote in Commons – sign of trouble ahead?

Copy the link below into your browser if it doesn’t work automatically. It’s not a decisive vote but it again shows that Europe is a “hot potato ” for Conservatives. Government loses vote on EU budget David Cameron fails to persuade enough rebels to back down on demands for a real-terms cut in the EU … Continue reading

Lords reform off the table : trouble for the coalition

From the BBC; The government has officially withdrawn proposed legislation for elections to the House of Lords after admitting defeat over the plans last month.

So after parliamentary ping pong, the government wins…Quelle surprise!

The BBC link takes up the story of the Welfare Reform Bill, returned to the Commons seven times by the Lords. As ever a determined government prevails… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-17204301

Did you know that UK Parliament is now fixed term?

It removes the power of the PM to call an election when he/she sees fit: Read the link: http://www.parliament.uk/briefing-papers/SN06111

The House of Lords – ok so its scrutiny is not as effective as the US Senate, but don’t write it off completely!

Any comparison will have the US Senate necessarily on top, but as Cameron’s woes over reform of the NHS & Blair’s failed attempts to detain terrorist suspects for¬†90 days¬†illustrate, the Lords can perform an effective bulwark against government. This booklet (link) is an excellent document. It is worth printing off as it contains excellent facts … Continue reading

Welfare Reform Bill – parliamentary ping pong

The Commons has more power than the Lords no doubt but it is often reluctant to use its powers too extensively. This Bill is a great example of where the Commons (really the govt in the Commons) is at the end of its tether and it is going to pass the Welfare Cap by declaring … Continue reading

The Lib Dems not just making up the numbers…(includes some useful links)

There are 306 Conservative MPs and 57 Lib Dems, but as the government is a coalition (a very rare thing in UK Politics – http://www.politicsresources.net/area/uk/ge10/results.htm), the Lib Dems have a very significant role. The debates leading up to the March 21st Budget reveal a large Lib Dem input…Read this link to get more from the … Continue reading

NHS reform splitting Tories

A brave move or a stupid one? As if there aren’t enough problems to sort out for this Tory government… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-17002166 Check out the link above. Is this one that Davy will have to let go? If he toughs it out it seems that it’ll cost the lib dems more than the Tories…so he’ll probably … Continue reading

Grassroots Conservatives and Cabinet Ministers against reforms…who is for these reforms?

Health reforms have caused real embarrassment for the Tory government and exposed more division . Apparently ConservativeHome the website of grassroots supporters, is coming out against the reforms tomorrow and it has been encouraged to do so by THREE cabinet ministers !! “What another fine mess you’ve got me into”, I can here Dave screech … Continue reading