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The Lib Dems not just making up the numbers…(includes some useful links)

There are 306 Conservative MPs and 57 Lib Dems, but as the government is a coalition (a very rare thing in UK Politics – http://www.politicsresources.net/area/uk/ge10/results.htm), the Lib Dems have a very significant role. The debates leading up to the March 21st Budget reveal a large Lib Dem input…Read this link to get more from the … Continue reading

Cameron’s decision to “3 line whip” the vote against a referendum on Europe is a very dangerous game…

This article from the Guardian online edition outlines the trouble facing the PM over Europe. As students of politics you should be aware of the explosiveness of this issue. Europe has traditionally divided Conservatives and a few points are noteworthy here: The PM has opted to 3 -line whip this vote i.e. demand that his … Continue reading

The PM is restricted by his party – EU sceptics haunt Cameron

http://www.newstatesman.com/2011/10/european-britain-cameron The article shows how that ‘old chestnut’ which divided Thatcher & Major’s governments is threatening David Cameron…EUROPE! AAAGGGH!

Party policies comparison…

http://www.pocketpolitics.co.uk Click on the link to the PocketPolitics website – there is an exellent comparison tool on it – right up to date – with the latest policies for the 2011 local elections. It covers all the areas – Defence, Crime, Education etc… This is a must see website.

Choose an Election Manifesto

Choose an Election Manifesto. Use this to compare party ideas/manifestos