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Cameron loses vote in Commons – sign of trouble ahead?

Copy the link below into your browser if it doesn’t work automatically. It’s not a decisive vote but it again shows that Europe is a “hot potato ” for Conservatives. Government loses vote on EU budget David Cameron fails to persuade enough rebels to back down on demands for a real-terms cut in the EU … Continue reading

Lords reform off the table : trouble for the coalition

From the BBC; The government has officially withdrawn proposed legislation for elections to the House of Lords after admitting defeat over the plans last month.

Did you know that UK Parliament is now fixed term?

It removes the power of the PM to call an election when he/she sees fit: Read the link: http://www.parliament.uk/briefing-papers/SN06111

The House of Lords – ok so its scrutiny is not as effective as the US Senate, but don’t write it off completely!

Any comparison will have the US Senate necessarily on top, but as Cameron’s woes over reform of the NHS & Blair’s failed attempts to detain terrorist suspects for 90 days illustrate, the Lords can perform an effective bulwark against government. This booklet (link) is an excellent document. It is worth printing off as it contains excellent facts … Continue reading

Cameron alienates those he should seek support from!

This article from SkyNews casts real doubt on Cameron’s strategy…. Cameron’s ‘Cold Shoulder’ To Health Leaders Last Updated 09:27 19/02/2012 Jane Dougall, Sky News reporter David Cameron has been accused of shutting healthcare professionals out of talks on the coalition’s controversial NHS reforms. It has emerged that major bodies critical of the proposals have not … Continue reading

Clegg vs Cameron (not exactly a clash of the titans)

The Clegg / Cameron rift apparently rumbles on. It is hardly surprising and the latest spat over Europe should not really break up Cam & Clegg. Although both boys had a frank exchange in Downing Street Monday morning – “Pleeeeeeeease come to the chamber with me Nick, pleaaaaassse!” “No David, I am upset and you … Continue reading

Cameron and Clegg – relations strained

Prime Minister, David Cameron’s decision to veto a EU treaty to tackle the debt crisis has left the UK as the only nation against 26 who will move forward – without Britain. Clegg is not happy. Cameron’s decision is popular with Tory backbenchers and the country though, but will it ultimately lead to a collapse … Continue reading

May the Border Force Be With You…

Teresa May will find it difficult to survive as Home Secretary over the relaxation of border controls which she says she didn’t order…her staff disagree…More trouble for Cameron’s government as he faces losing another minister at a time he needs to strengthen his position! Read the article here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-15649548 Related articles David Cameron backs Theresa May in … Continue reading

Reminder of the “81” kept alive by EuroZone crisis

David Cameron‘s leadership as PM, at present, is being seriously undermined by serial rebels in his party. The fact that he is in coalition with the Liberal Democratsconstrains him further still. Recent students of politics haven’t really seen this dynamic until the Coalition. It has changed the legislative vs executive relationship. There is some great stuff … Continue reading

Cameron’s decision to “3 line whip” the vote against a referendum on Europe is a very dangerous game…

This article from the Guardian online edition outlines the trouble facing the PM over Europe. As students of politics you should be aware of the explosiveness of this issue. Europe has traditionally divided Conservatives and a few points are noteworthy here: The PM has opted to 3 -line whip this vote i.e. demand that his … Continue reading

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