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US Election Guide: How does it work?

Good guide from the Telegraph… http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/us-election/9480396/US-Election-guide-how-does-the-election-work.html Advertisements

The US Electoral College…

This does not have to be a difficult question on the exam!! It is adequately explianed in this link: http://uspolitics.about.com/od/presidenc1/tp/guide_to_office_of_President.htm …and here… http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/3736580.stm

Japanese internment – where was the Constitution?

Follow the link at the end (if it doesn’t work just paste into your browser)… Where was the Constitution in all of this? Truth be told? So long as an overwhelming majority support an action the constitution will not enter into the equation… ** Pain and redemption of WWII interned Japanese-Americans ** Seventy years ago, … Continue reading

A must see interactive website on the Constitution…

This is quite simply one of the best interactive websites you will find on the US Constitution to help you with your A-level studies. Make it a must visit for every essay you do on the Constitution… http://ratify.constitutioncenter.org/constitution/index_no_flash.php

Individual rights – religion

Religion and the US Constitution Key points: Two clauses in the First Amendment of the US Constitution have made this extremely complex and contentious inAmerica: ‘the free exercise clause’ – no law prohibiting religion ‘the establishment clause’ – no law establishing a religion A state for example cannot require parents to send children to school … Continue reading

Individual rights – gay rights

Gay rights and the US Constitution Key points: Most members ofAmerica’s governing institutions have not been at the forefront of protecting rights for gays. The federal courts, where minority rights should be protected, have a mixed record in this area. Unlike abortion and the temporary cessation of the death penalty, gay rights is an issue … Continue reading

Individual rights – pornography

Pornography and theUSConstitution Key points: The First Amendment appears to clearly allow pornography in theUSA. It is the function of the Courts to decide which laws infringe on the right to free speech. ‘Obscenity’ and ‘art’ are subjective terms. The suppression of non-pornographic works under the guise of attacking ‘obscenity’ has worried many. Feminist women … Continue reading

Individual rights – capital punishment

Capital Punishment and the US Constitution Key points: Firing squads and hangings are still used in some states to dispense capital punishment. Americans as young as 16 can be subject to execution. Until 2000, 25 out of 38 death penalty states allowed execution of mentally retarded criminals. This was deemed unconstitutional in 2002 (Atkins vsVirginia). … Continue reading

Individual rights – gun control

Gun Control and the US Constitution  Key points: The 2nd Amendment seems fairly unambiguous – a right to own firearms that ‘shall not be infringed’. What could be clearer? Even some conservatives regard the 2nd Amendment as ‘anachronistic’. The 2nd Amendment is a perceived obstacle to gun control in theUS. Attempts to implement the Brady … Continue reading

Individual Rights – Abortion

Abortion and the US Constitution Key points: A woman’s ‘right to privacy’ – not specifically stated in the US Constitution but certainly implied by the : 3rd Amendment – prohibiting the quartering of soldiers in homes during peacetime. 4th Amendment – prohibiting unwarranted searches and seizures of private property by government 9th Amendment – reserving … Continue reading